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We all want to stand out from the crowd, let us help you sweeten things up for your next event. Our freshly made-from-scratch goodies will leave your guests with much to talk about. Looking for custom jewelry for that new outfit? No problem, we'd be happy to help, we can help accent that new look for you. Simply send us an email with your questions, or fill out the form.

If you plan to order a cake, we recommend reviewing this form when asking for a quote. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

Event Date
Event Date
The date is so that we can insure availability on your baked goods delivery.

Made from scratch baked goods. We do it all from custom cakes to pies and pops. We deliver to all of the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area.


We sell on ETSY. Check it out.

Earring Assortment

Neckleaces, braces and more.

We do like to make things in sets when possible.

Overhand bracelets.



A necklace to give your outfit a little something.


Hair Accessories

1 and 2 piece hair accessories

Sparkle and Fantasy Collections

Featuring our works that sparkle, inspired by fairies and tv/comics.